Spitfire VB 609 SQN PR-J


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This mask has specifically been designed for Spitfire PR-J of 609 sqn. The aircraft is unusual in that it is painted in Dark Earth and Sky Type-S rather than Ocean Grey and Medium Grey (standard colours from 1941). The insignia is also of the early type. The modeller has the option of 45″ (Part 4) or 50″ (Part 3) roundels for underwing. Letters are 26″ in scale. Both the later and early type “6” is given in the serial number. We believe that the earlier serial number is more correct, but the final choice is left up to the modeller.

This set includes only the Insignia. We recommend our TNMXX-50 mask for the camouflage pattern.

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1/72, 1/48, 1/32

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