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Douglas Bader flew a number of Spitfires as Wing Commander at Tangmere. This insignia pack provides for two aircraft. MkII (P7966) and Va (W3185). At some stage Bader jumped the queue and had metal alerions fitted to his Va. Bader refused to switch to the Vb and believed the .303 better than the 20mm cannon configuration. It is reordered that he had the Roundels removed from the bottom of his Va. This was because he did not want to stand out while doing low level “Rhubarbs” across the Channel. It is speculative whether he continued to carry the “Boot” emblem on his Spitfire; some period photos suggest this, but they are out of focus and viewed at a distance. It is left to the modeller to decide. W3185 was the aircraft that became the incident of a friendly mid-air collision causing Bader to bail out over enemy territory and end his war as a POW in Colditz Castle.

This set includes only the Insignia. We recommend our TNMXX-50 mask for the camouflage pattern.

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