Hurricane Mk IID Desert Pat A


Mk IID started in 1942, including additional armour for the pilot, radiator and engine.Mk Ils were used in ground support, where it was quickly learned that destroying German tanks was difficult; the cannons did not have the performance needed, while bombing the tanks was almost impossible. The solution was to equip the aircraft with a 40 mm cannon in a pod under each wing, reducing the other armament to a single Browning in each wing loaded with tracers for aiming purposes. The Hurricanes No. 6 Squadron, the first squadron equipped with this armament, were so effective that the squadron was nicknamed the “Flying Can Openers”

This set includes only the camouflage pattern. Serial numbers, code letters and other markings are not included. See our website for more.

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1/72, 1/48, 1/32, 1/24

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