FW190D – Standard


The factory camouflage scheme was common to most production versions of the Dora series. Some early production examples were delivered with fuselage upper surfaces painted in RLM 75. Wing upper surfaces could also have been pained in RLM 75 or a combination of RLM 75 and RLM 2. Fuselage mottle was RLM 82 and/or RLM 75. Frequently, spinners were RLM 70, although many were delivered with RLM 21/22 spiral motif. Wooden propeller blades were usually RLM 71 but some were Dark Blue-Gray.Although the black or white fuselage cross size was reduced in 1945, wing and rudder national insignia remained fairly consistent. With the introduction of the new late-warcolors in 1944, specific parts of the airframe were camouflaged prior assembly.

Tamiya, in their 1/48 boxing, seems to suggest that JG54 had a different pattern which appears to be based on Lt Theo Nibel’s machine. See our mask set TNMxx-M002.

This set includes only the camouflage pattern. Serial numbers, code letters and other markings are not included.

Any products (models, paints etc) shown in photos are not included in the mask pack.

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