FW190D “JG54”


While the factory camouflage scheme was common to most production versions of the Dora series, there is a lot of debate as to machines at the end of the war. 1945 was a difficult time for production and a lack of resources led to many variations. Field adaptations to keep aricraft servicble also led to further variations.

Tamiya, in their 1/48 boxing, seems to suggest that JG54 had a different pattern which appears to be based on Lt Theo Nibel’s machine.

See our mask set TNM-M001 for what we consider to be the factory standard.

This set includes only the camouflage pattern. Serial numbers, code letters and other markings are not included. 

Any products (models, paints etc) shown in photos are not included.

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1/72, 1/48, 1/32, 1/24

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